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Cabin Safety Consultants


Expert witness, consultant, program developer, trainer and internationally recognized speaker on commercial airline flight attendant and gate personnel training, performance, safety and FAA regulatory compliance. Expert opinion and testimony experience for both plaintiff and defense cases is based on more than 38 years of experience in the commercial aviation industry. Prior aviation positions held at a major airline: Manager of Health, Safety and Security, Inflight Safety Investigator, Emergency Procedures Instructor for pilots and flight attendants, Station Manager, flight attendant and customer service supervisor. Served as Chairperson of an FAA supported Aviation Safety Action Program for flight attendants and a member of the Air Transport Association Cabin Operations Committee. Have spoken at several Annual World Aviation Training Symposiums, The Department of Justice JPATS Annual Training, FAA Conferences and the Southern California Safety Institute Aircraft Cabin Safety Symposiums. 




  • Aircraft Emergency Exits & Equipment Operation


  • Emergency Procedures, Training and Program Development


  • Ground Services Emergency Response


  • Passenger and Cabin Crew Illness & Injury Training, Response, Investigation and Debriefing


  • Behavioral Based Safety


  • Evacuation and Ditching Preparations and Procedures



  • Crew Resource Management


  • Safety Management Systems


  • Human Factors


  • Threat Error Management


  • Post-incident Debriefings


  • Air Carrier Access Act


  • Investigation of Inflight Cabin Emergencies; fire, decompression, medical incidents, turbulence, etc.


  • Occupational Injury Prevention





  • Masters of Science in Nursing


  • Certified Adult Nurse Practitioner


  • Federal Motor Safety Administration (FMCSA) Certified Medical Examiner


  • Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support


  • Private pilot training


  • Expert Witness Training (SEAK)

  • FAA Civil Aerospace Medical Institute Cabin Safety Research Workshop


  • Department of Transportation & NTSB Aircraft Cabin Safety Investigation


  • Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings Awareness Training


  • International Air Transport Association Cabin Health Symposium


  • FAA Aviation Safety Action Programs 


  • Certificated Flight Attendant






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Helen Zienkievicz provides an example of how Crew Resource Management (CRM) is an effective tool in the
hierarchical environment of aviation.